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Puppet Trump

S.T.F.U. on J.A.S.T.A.


I made a new robot that will help you so much in your daily life you won't know how you managed without it. The robot named S.T.F.U. debuts by translating […]

Strange Runningmates

strange running mates

Arab Women Have Strong Words for Donal Trump


An  illustration done for an article in Arab America titled Arab Women Have Strong Words for Donal Trump by Clara Ann Ruplinger

The grim choice for 2016


Created for the Arab America news site.

Governor Cuomo’s sliding scale


Published in Mondoweiss

What is Bernie Sanders Had Given His Speech at AIPAC?


Originally published in Mondoweiss: mondoweiss.net/2016/03/what-if-bernie-sanders-had-delivered-his-speech-at-aipac/

Understanding the fundamental roots of conflict and suffering: An interview with Rich Forer


Rich Forer is a former member of AIPAC who has orthodox relatives living in West Bank settlements. Still, after a dramatic spiritual awakening in 2006, he was transformed into an […]



AirBnB is listing rentals in settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Your Brain on Ziojuana


Published December 24, 2015 in Mondoweiss

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